Any Tips On Lasting Longer In Bed

My GF and I used to have sex all the time and I went for 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.......We took a month break and now I only last around 5 minutes...... I have NO clue why.......When we did it before I really didnt love her but now I feel like I really do love that the reason maybe?

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when you think you are about to have one stop and just hold her... make it about her until you know you can continue without having one.. find little things that will distract you, that are both pleasing but wont reach climax..

probably because you are turning him on way too good, that he is turned on so much he comes out to quick. I think tone it down with the games. pls answer mine;_ylt=Avh7hfp1hplwjEAvBTGB4uTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090908223442AAUxdJV

Don't eat ANY lettuce. Eat arugula instead. Lettuce reduces your 'sex drive' including your ability to retain an erection for longer, arugula increases your sex drive, and helps you stay erect longer.

jerk off once or twice before having sex n avoid all sort of aphrodisiac drinks and foods,no chocolates,champagnes,oysters,spicy foods,foods thats have ginger n garlic etc. prior to having sex cause that will make it worse.

I do think it's inappropriate for grown men to look at little girls. However, I blame both the dirty men and the parents. If parents didn't let their 10 year old go out in a belly shirt and painted on jeans, old men wouldn't have as much to look at. If children dressed like children, a lot of the problem would be solved. I see obviously young girls walking around in clothes I as an adult woman would be embarrassed to go out in. I see more covering clothes on women in bars looking for a hookup. It's sad on every eand.

well dont keep going wen u know its coming just say stop pull out and take a breather, if she cant do something for her. i would also reccomend u use thicker or nonsensative condoms

get the cream they put on the penis that numbs it. they sell it on the web. do a check and find it. open minded? ehhh probably not gonna happen. maybe look into a new guy

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