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Seriously... it's 5 or 6 orgasms for the woman and I haven't even had one yet and she says "I'm tired... I can't go anymore." Sometimes I never even have that one... but can I help it if I can last a long time? :( who is miss dead-lee?.. I think a lot of these women are all talk.. If you're not all talk, prove it! katy kat... you taking a long time looking for someone :(

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Answering that question would require a psychologist or perhaps a literature professorbut if you're asking my opinion well... i think he is a racist in a different way. i think he is too patriotic that he look at his country and race as too good its supreme. Being a Filipino myself, i was offended by that article. I think its not written in satire because if it was, it is done in poor taste. He already apologized to the Filipino people but again he did it in bad taste by saying "we all are servants of God" to back his statement saying Philippines is a nation of servants. its like he is under estimating Filipino intelligence. the word servant was used in a different light in both statements. i have nothing against mr. Tsao and the Chinese people, iin factim half of what they are... men its like my parents are fighting over me after a bad divorce. Mr. Tsao should have been very careful with what he write in the future, instead of calming the tension over the pacific, he heated things up. i believe he is in no position to lecture anyone about the tTerritorialrights. its been a fuel of war second to religion. whatever draws the line bBetweentwo countries will take a lot of international and nautical laws and ancestral history. China may ppulverizedany small 3rd world country in a snap. but it ddoesn'tmean u can and able ddoesn'tgive you the right to do so, so does writing a hate literature.

Sex matters a lot in a relationship no matter what anyone says, but at the same time you can fix it and make it better. Look at it this way, the faster he ejaculates the more turned on he is of you. Try new positions and if switch around fast if you feel it is time for him to cum. That little time it takes for you to switch positions will make prevent him from ejaculating as he becomes anxious to continue.

While you're going at it with her, repeat the words "Give it to me Richard Simmons!" You'll last so long you probably won't finish. Or not, who knows what you're in to.

Give yourself a handicap. Tell him to play with you a bit more so alteast your already half way there before he even starts. You know what I mean...

He needs to learn to control himself and his appetites or it will drive others away. How do you control a bull? Put a guide ring through a tender part - his nose. For a human *shrug* not sure but you might have to get stern with him so he'll fall into line...

Don't listen to her. Misery loves company. If you and your husband are both happy, tell her to get lost and stay out of your business.

Flex your foot when it happens - this stretches the calf muscle and minimizes the charley horse, making it less painful. Eating bananas is good to prevent them - yes the potassium is what helps. They're caused by a vitamin deficiency - eat your bananas!

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