Sexual Related Question Related To An Erection Please Help Me Understand This I Need Some Help

Again, if you are interested in this gentleman and he is nice, well mannered, makes you laugh...good qualities overall, would you be willing to help him out (being respectful at the same time without putting him down)? For example, he doesn't last as long in bed as some relationships in your past. Could you, as women, work on that part of the relationship making suggestions and maybe performing different activities prior to finally going all the way?

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It sounds like he wasn't getting his needs met emotionally. You may have done it for him sexually but the emotional connection wasn't where it was once been or should be. Which is why he didn't just have sex with another woman, he may have fallen in love with her. If you feel you can not get past this, that is okay. Not everyone can live with the fact their spouse had an affair. However, if you do decide you try to work on this, I suggest joint counseling. It is important he is on board and is remorseful. If he isn't, you will never feel confident he isn't cheating again. You wil always have doubts. Also make sure you are doing it because you feel in your heart you want to make this work and not because you need to do the right thing.

do kegel exercises-strengthens you ability to control ejaculation do lots of foreplay and oral on her - if she has an orgasm from that - she won;t mind if the intercourse doesn;t last a long time wear condoms - they diminish the sensation and make you last longer

I would say the best thing to do, as silly as it might seem, is masturbate more. You might feel like you don't need to because you're actively having sex, but it can help you build up stamina. Also, try changing the speed and rhythm youre going at when you feel close slow it down a bit or whatever it takes until you can get yourself under control again.

it can vary as humans vary. usually men have more a sex drive, testosterone. it may make relationships last longer, but it could also make it shorter as that may be all there is to the relationship. also, not all women have orgasms. some girls can't from regular intercourse at all. and beyond that, some can't altogether.

Well most kissing and touching will lead to an erection but there could be a little problem with him if he does not ejaculate with all the activity as he will get a case of blue balls which is very painful. As for the big O when he ejaculates, well yes most of the time but not always. You are both 18 so why don't you both masturbate each other as a relief for both as sex is not part of your life yet.

You excite him a lot. That is really good. I would suggest you start before him then ask for "help" to finish the job. You can use water, pillows, stuffed animal, manual, without toys. Try it. Good luck

Go to Bookstore and look into Lovemaking techniques. Go to Lover's Lane and get some sex toys, adult movies (not hard-core porns), even games for adults. Be creative, use food and have fun woth it like making a human Sundea and then lick it off her body give her a massage first. If she can legally drink, a glass of wine will relax her and some nice music. Make her feel special and don't put so much pressure on yourself. Best of all, ask her what she likes and what turns her on. Women love oral sex, start with that first and then work your way into more intimate pleasures. Alot of women do not have to get off everytime, we are not programmed that way. Who knows maybe she had a hard day at work and her focus might not be 100 percent there or as we say "in the mood" just some ides, hope this helps

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Sexual Related Question Related To An Erection Please Help Me Understand This I Need Some Help

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