Why Do I Not Last Long In Bed Anymore Can Someone Tell Me

I know there are medications...(what kind?? and how to you get them??) but what other things could he do?

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when you think you are about to have one stop and just hold her... make it about her until you know you can continue without having one.. find little things that will distract you, that are both pleasing but wont reach climax..

They absolutle best thing you can do is change positions. The rest he will have to do. My husbaand will sing the Duck Tails theme song in his head if he is about to finish too soon! He says the "Woo-hooo" at the end of the theme song ALWAYS gives him an extra 5 minutes! :D

Foreplay is very important. Stimulate the vaginal or G-spot and you will be good to go. She might have a two orgasm. She'll love to death.

wow...he is a dick! soooo inconsiderate!! if i was you i would NEVER talk to him again! lol what an idiot! how old is he?? and really...15 seconds?? that's is crazzzyy short! he must have been SUPER excited!! but seriously, hes a dick!!

in /order/ to /get rid /of /bed bugs/ there /is /a /spray /on the market/ spray mattress/ from all sides/ leave air/ for/ 2-3 days/ wash /all linen/ in hot water/ spray floor/ around bed/ are /you sure/ they/ are/ bed bugs?/if positive /follow /the steps/ listed / the bites /will remain/ til /you are free/ of bedbugs / have /you /been checked/ for scabies?

its only been 2 weeks your both still learning. just relax and let it happen in its own time what, things will settle don't pressure each other so much

he could get some medical help... lasting less than 5 minutes isnt healthy and is categorized as "PREMATURE EJACULATION" and needs medical help!! I have read about this so often!! good luck

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