Sex Help I Canamp39t Seem To Last Longer Than 3minamp39s

okay my boyriend and i have beeen dating for over a year and were 18yrd old and hes experienced in the sexual department before we started dated with his formor girlfriends.. i was a vigrin. anwways.... he is so quick to cum , and i dont know what to do ill give him about 5minutes tops. i feel so bad, he ovbs like is embrassed and i know that. and i love the kid<3 but i mean COME ON. so i we foreplay ALOT and then have sex, it makes it even faster... the only way he lasts is if we have 3min sex... then wait a good half hour and go again. and even then its not very long i am not looking for a looooooong drawn out thing. but i mean come on, i feel bad what should i do?! ahhh. like how can i help him, jesus

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He probably is too tired, but at the same time if he is playing X-box a lot you could figure he would make more time for you. Tell him if he is that tired to just lay there and you do all of the work (if you don't already). Talk to him about it at the very least though and make sure he knows how you feel. No matter how much you ladies think we can read you....I assure you that we can't (at least not the way you want us to).

Im in the same situation bro. Im 19 and my girlfriend is turning 21, i can also keep on going after i ejaculate. (3-6 times in a row) Our sex doesnt last longer than 10-15 mins, we foreplay but i don't get any oral because my girlfriend freaks out when she touches or slightly tastes semen. She gets soar and its frustrating for me. ( especially because i don't get oral) On my birthday i was lucky to get oral for about 8 seconds until she tasted a little semen...

Just be confident in yourself, you may last an hour. Do not think about it or it will happen. Trust me. Do not tell her you are a virgin. If it happens way too quickly, just laugh about it and say ok time for a break! And then come back to it when you can

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I found like tow others that actually tried to help u man, yeah u can try it slower but what ive found more helpful is to hold in the orgasm at the climax most cant hold it in more then 1.1 seconds but over time ( like a year or something) u could get that up to like 2.3, basically u will have much better orgasm. which will probably be better in bed.

Oh wow, he sounds like a jerk. You should never have to "put out" if you don't feel like it. Honestly, it sounds as if this were more of an issue with him becoming a father. Sit down with him, explain how you feel, and ask him if he has any fears or concerns about the pregnancy. Even if it is just about 'sex' you need to be able to communicate with him, seeing as he is your child's father and will hopefully want to be in his or her life. Good luck!

mm.. i would say not to get too excited... mm i would say for him to try while standing.. in some ocasions it does work!!!

Wow! It sure beats 15 minutes! Anyway, maybe she has other things to do or on her mind that she wanted the sex to hurry up.

Have him give you enough foreplay before hand and then try letting him have sex you will hopefully get there quickly enough. Also do it more than once a day, the more the do it the longer it takes them to get there the next time. And if all else fails buy a vibrator and use the doggie-style position while you help our by applying the toy to yourself.

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