Lasting Longer In Bed Help Me Please

Is it because I think to much or not enough???...tom science Tight or not,I truly last forever.On occasion,the women feel as though they had done something wrong...thanks Sweetie is cool,i do say...

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put yourself in control of the situation and tease him you'll have fun and since your incontrol he cant do much tie him up if you have to

It's not wrong to break up with him but it might destroy his life if you tell him the real reason. Try to be kind. Good Luck

I'd rather have a guy who doesn't last; he can please his lady in other ways. If he takes forever, it can get uncomfortable with too much friction or cramping from being in the same position.

Slow down, relax, deep breathing... all helps. As does as little alcohol as possible beforehand. I know that's next to impossible at a party, but hey, you can try... Put her on top. Different sensation altogether. I'd be more concerned about 'sleeping around' than I would about busting too soon. Bad reps come from such promiscuity.

He should see a urologist for premature ejaculation. Very low dose antidepressants can sometimes help, or to go the natural route, learn to practice the Masters-Johnson method from a therapist.

I had read this before but only realised half way through. By then I was past the point of no return and had to carry on reading because it's such a cracker!! Nice one brother, I said nice one bruv!!!

NO. The best way is to get to climax and almost before your about to SPLAT. Stop everything and control yourself. Wait 1 minute and do it again. You will get used to it and will be able to control your ejeculations if you do it a lot.

If you really want info about how to delay ejaculation click here!

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Lasting Longer In Bed Help Me Please

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