How Can I Get My Boyfriend To Last Longer In Bed

i just want to compare how long i last in bed to you guys. ive heard stories of people lasting for hours but i think that is complete bs, the most ive ever lasted was 10 minutes, also if you masturbated before sex would that make it easier to last longer?. cheers guys!

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NO. The best way is to get to climax and almost before your about to SPLAT. Stop everything and control yourself. Wait 1 minute and do it again. You will get used to it and will be able to control your ejeculations if you do it a lot.

hard to say, but lasting extremely long isn't necessarily good anyway. it can get painful after a while. you start to last longer the more you have sex with one partner, and the use of a condom can also help if you only last around a minute :P :)

Good question I remember having the same problem. As with anything else you are bad at How do you get any better?,,Practice practice practice. You most likely don't get down too many times a week so whenever you do, its a big problem because you are way too excited and finish too quick. So if this is an option and she is willing to help you out so she could get some longer than you are set. As many times a day as possible, take breaks making each other sandwiches and then repeat. You're member will sooner or later get used to the sensation and be more comfortable with it, If that too much practice is not an option try giving yourself a hand with this one. A couple of hours before your performance this will help add a couple more minutes to your performance, Porn is unrealistic most people don't have sex for hours and hours i would say 20 30 minutes is average is average most times. Unless ots a special occasion than you can dig deep for a couple more rounds before you throw in the towel .

Yep, either get use to it , or you can get him drunk so he will have" whiskey dick". I always last longer after I have had a few ; ) have him wear a condom or a desenitizing gel .

See your doctor, maybe you are having problems. Honestly, why ask on here, nobody on here can diagnose your ED issues. Many folks have these problems that is why there are so many medications for it on the market. Make an appointment and get the job done right. Right on!

Same thing used to happen to me. I learned on a website to Jack off longer. Jack off until you are about to shoot the stuff, then all of the sudden stop. Then go back and Jack off more. Then stop. you can do this as many times as you want. It helps prolong how long you last. Just remember don't Jack off to much. Keep you sperm count up. Save some for her. Have fun & happy jacking. Email me.

The difference is that a non-circumcised male has complete sexual sensitivity and function. Frequently, circumcision is a major cause of premature ejaculation. The neural and vascular damage of circumcision disrupts normal sensory feedback, and that makes many males incapable of controlling ejaculation. Circumcision is damage to the penis, and damaging a penis does not make it work better. Circumcision is a fraud and a hoax. A foreskin is not a birth defect; it is a birthright. ERIC

That depends on your definition of good sex. if you mean lots of orgasms, then probabley long lasting. If you mean one orgasm with lots of pleasure, then 5 mins is ok. Are you including foreplay in this estimate??

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Ive had this problem too.. sometime the foreplay just turns me on too much. Spanking it an hour or two beforehand helps get rid of pent-up sexual tension.. also, if I do come quick I just diddle her or eat her out for like 5 minutes until it goes completely limp and then I can get another hard-on and continue where we left off. The second orgasm is a LOT harder to get and is always really intense..

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