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Im a 19 yr old male and im sexually active. I have no problem getting it up but the problem is i only last for about 10 minutes. I want to last longer in bed so I wanted advice on how i can get pills w/o a prescription. Or if theirs something else i can do to help myself last longer. Thanks.

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If the guys is really worth it, and the woman is committed to the relationship she should be willing to work on this area. And its always good for a relationship if both partners are willing to do try different things.

listen up men, here's what you should do... 1. You should start arousing her first rather than yourself. 2. if in the event she start arousing you, just enjoy it, then when you feel like shooting out, stop her then you start to foreplay her. Lick her whole body then concentrate on her clitoris, until she comes. 3. After she comes, don't stop there. continue giving her oral then when you saw her back to the mood, then do the 69. in that way she'll be coming first than you. 4. After her second come, lick her body again until she turns fire again, remember the secret is in the foreplay. You will notice she'll begging for you to put your c*ck in. when that time comes give her what she wants. 5. while doing all of these, don't focus your mind on sex, try thinking of something else like things you will do to work tomorrow or what if you wife caught you fucking another girl, those type of unfocusing things. 6. when you feel your wife is squeezing your c*ck too much it means, the final blow is coming, that's the time you give your full attention, pump hard and fast, enjoy every second of it, then blow it all to hers. after that youll see your wife giving you a hug and a kiss and almost as tired as a dog. Remember, the idea is to get your focus out of sex for the mean time you want your wife to enjoy that much, then when she comes for 2 to 3 times, then that's the time you focus on sex and release all the lust in your body for you and hr to reach the climax at the same time. enjoy men.! it works, the only thing is that the organ of your wife will feel a little hurt but the enjoyment is far to measure.

Dude its all about control, masturbating does help you last long but you have to control the muscle in your penis so when you about to go hold it back control. Its all about the mind. When your sitting watchn tv exercise it think about your girlfriend in a good outfit that makes you pumped and stiffin that muscle. Using a condom or 2 will dampen the feel of of you in her and make it less stimulating.

Okay, but I would stay away from Crooks being described as an animals. Steinbeck presents Crooks as a sad, lonely character. Crooks also represents the discrimination at the time Steinbeck was writing.

Using a good tanning lotion is the first step. I use Designer Skin's Black (get it from ebay though, otherwise it's almost $100 at a lot of salons). Or try using an after-moisturizer with hemp in it. Another way is to watch the kind of soap you are using in the shower, as a lot of those are abrasive to your tan. Shaving also makes your tan fade faster. Or perhaps try upping how many times a week you go to the tanning bed and maybe go in longer.

try wikihow.com or google.com for tips answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080401202514AA8GICv&r=w

You have to tell him to start thinking about something else and please don't make any noises that is going to kill him, just don't get to wild and that will really help him remail calm.

Your only 14. You shouldn't sleep with her just this that. Your first time should be special. You should wait longer before you sleep with her. She will understand if she really loves you.

LOL! Your just horny! The more often you have (safe) sex, the more comfortable you will get with it and be able to restrain yourself better.

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