How To Get Your Bf To Last Longer In Bed

I do know that people say moisturizing helps. Does that mean that if I use moisturizing soap (example: "Softsoap") then it will help? Or body/skin care lotion. Would that help? I am using the "Jergins body moisturizer" sunless tanning lotion (so I don't get skin cancer). How long does that last? It says its already a moisturizer but I thought maybe using a different moisturizer on top would help. Also, it says to wait several minute for it to dry and I waited like 10 minutes before I went to bed. Do you think some of it could possibly come off when I get in the bed? 10 points for the best answer. :)

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I don't care for the resulting full-sized bed, so never even considered one. Posters have thumbed down the various brands of convertibles that will turn into a twin bed, so we just decided we will not bother with convertibles. The thing is...toddler beds aren't that costly. I'm not even a walmart shopper and I can find them for about $60 bucks at local stores. I would much rather put an older kid into a twin bed because I want them to maintain their own bed (like I did) and a full sized bed is too daunting for a 5 or 6 year old to make.

Wow - you spent all that time typing and not even one decent joke. Plus how would changing a man's blood-type help? It's DNA tests they use to identify paternity.

Maybe he masturbates frequently when you're not around. That would cause him to last longer.... Also, any kind of medication (or alcohol) could cause him to be unable to climax.

About an hour before you know you're probably going to have sex let a load go and please yourself real quick. that will relieve tension and not make you want to ejaculate as quickly. the first couple times may not seem much longer but if you continue this routine it will add time each time. you can even handle it in the morning as well.

hiya, man 2 is the better catch.but you will pick man 1 because you love him.and in the end, you are going to be i think he will get another gf,and finish up with her.hope im wrong.good luck.x

give him a blow b4 you actually do it, and then just hold each other and talk, and then slowly come on to him again, he will last a little bit longer

I think it is not about how long it lasts but how long you last. Meaning, even after you are done you can use what you use to type to get her off.

When he says traditional, does he mean that its usually just him on top? Maybe just start with getting on top once in a while. Then try the more "freaky" stuff. Blow jobs, anal, 69's etc.

ok if you just said "me and this girl are going to well you know.." if you cant even say the word SEX then you shouldnt be having it.. thats called IMMATURITY!

If you really want info about what is premature ejaculation click here!

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