Are There Any Tricks Or Excecises To Make You Last Longer In Bed

We'll be going for a couple minutes and all of a sudden he gets this look of panic. He's already going to ***. I tell him not to, and he'll stop moving altogether for a couple minutes. Unfortunately this always happens just when it starts to feel good for me. And when he stops, that means I have to build back up to that feeling all over again. And we'll go through this five or six times before he tells me it's too painful to try and hold it any longer. I don't want to cause him I just let him but I never get a chance to finish. We've tried going multiple times in a day, we've tried letting him masturbate before we go, and we've tried getting me started with oral or self-stimulation--all to no avail! Basically, hubby gets off usually multiple times in a night. And I never get mine. Any help? Molly: those are called "c*ck rings" and we have them. Have tried them. They help, but not much :/

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ur upset because things aren't the way they were in the beginning the problem with that is things change, if he's good to you, treats you well, then hold onto him, good men are hard to find, everything else is immaterial, it can all be sorted out. he also needs to know that you love him regardless of the situation, that u don't think any less of him, it will give him more confidence to get better, try to help him, in the long run it should sort itself out. people go through rough patches like that, must just rise to the challenge and deal with it so you don't lose your relationship. if everything else is more important than who he is then you should just leave, will be easier for him,

Who wants it to last for hours? That makes her sore!!! Those are guy "fish" stories!!! If a guy was on me for more than 20 minutes or so, I would be pushing him off!!! I prefer 10 minutes. You need to learn how to gett her to the brink of orgasming just before you start to penetrate her. There are books such as the Joy of Sex, to help you. Some women just take longer than others.

wel you can get these condoms, that prevent you to cum it takes longer for you to cum they really do work they worked for me and my boyfriend!

I would be fine with that. What you need is some foreplay. You need for a woman to play with you until you have that first climax. When you get another erection you will then be able to last longer. If a woman truly loves you, she will be able to deal with that problem and work with you to correct it. Is she turning you on at all? The reason why I asked is sometimes a man can't last long if the female is boring.

Ok ive been in your shoes. Every one will say it is mental, and it is. But the thing you should focus on is not how to keep yourself from getting off but rather how to completely forget about your problem. If you trying slowing down or stoping and kissing, in your head your still thinking about it. Think for a second, why would you slow down..... because you know your getting to excited so the topic is on your mind no matter what you do. Those things might help but they wont fix your problem. Let me tell you what I did. I found out that by building my adrenaline and masculinity by working out or pumping iron I felt more like a man. What I mean is i felt more confident about myself. By building confidence it helped me believe that my problem was not a problem and that I was just insecure. I progressively got better and lasted longer in bed. I literally doubled the time i could last in bed just after a week or working out. Give it shot man!

Buy a tube of teething gel for babies. Rub a little bit on your pecker-head and put on a rubber. It works the same way Delay Creme does, only it's not embarassing if someone sees you buying it.

Forplay, Some one once told me that if it looks good, kiss it. If it tastes good eat. But make sure that you are you love partner are comfortable with your surroundings.

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