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Me and my boyfriend have sex frequently, and it last around 5 minutes, he seem pretty satisfied, but im not at all, he doesn't let me go ontop. I dont know whether to ask/ or jsut mention it to him at all ??

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There is a special condom that helps him last longer, But why don't yo try going on top . As for the foreplay sit him down and tell him if he can't even try then whats the use in you two having sexual relations. You might also try putting something he likes to eat on your virginal area.

The feeling of orgy will keep man in sexual act. To maintain such emotion of wanting sex the longer, one has to take aprosidiac. try taking fish liver oil 1 hour before bedding a female. It is called Esqualene capsule. Take it twice a month after waking up.

Some men are just that good and have great stamina, but I'm guessing most of it is done through trickery or there taking some kind of substance or herbal pill.

their are good people out there who wouldn't cheat! you cant decide by hearing all the horror stories. yes cheating happens,but it might not happen . you cant stop someone from cheating,you just have to find someone With great morals who would never do such a horrible thing, life is about taking chances,and if you have decided not to have a relationship,well you may miss out on life

My fiance was like this when we first started having sex. He would finish very quickly, especially if I was enjoying myself. I was frustrated all the time. We have phenomenal sex now . . . and it's really all about communication. You two have been together two years which should be long enough for you to feel comfortable telling him the truth and long enough for him to be more sensitive to YOUR needs. He needs to take time on foreplay . . . no matter how ready he is to go. Oral sex, fingering as well as the touching or erogenous zones can be a way to push you nearly over the edge. Try different positions, some of them you may find you feel more pressure on your clitoris which is more likely to make you orgasm. You deserve to feel pleasure, let him know that. Also, if he feels like he is about to come too quickly he can always tightly hold the very base of his penis, which will stop him from climaxing. Good luck!

To have serious results, you may have to bring the topic up with him. Which, I know can be rather uncomfortable for both you and him. But a big part of a relationship is honesty and trust, and I'm sure he'd be willing to do what he can to ensure that you are receiving satisfaction as well. He could practice lasting longer with masturbation, or intercourse with you. You may have to be patient with this technique, but once he understand what he can do to make himself last, he'll be able to repeat those actions or thoughts in the future. If you're not regularly using a condom, it could also help him with premature ejaculation. Or use a lot of lubrication.

tell him to practice.. (with u that is..) guys tend to increase in time when they r more frequent at it ;) n tell him to stop masturbating.. it makes men cumm faster.. enjoy ;) ;)

You need to make him horny horny horny, so foreplay is always a good start and if he flops whilst he's inside you, you need to make him hard again. Just touch his penis with your hand or something... Now as for climaxing! When he feels the symptoms of ejaculation, he needs to pull out... I mean, either pull out or just stop for just a minute. That's his job, not yours, so he needs to learn to control himself there! Once he's calmed down again he can then continue as normal. Once he gets used to not ejaculating as soon as he inserts his penis and starting and stopping, he'll just get used to not ejaculating so easily. He will have to teach his manhood that he can't just ejaculate whenever he wants to! Good luck :)

after he c*ms give him 10 minutes or so rest, then s**k him till he gets hard and then do it. it will take him longer the second time to c*m. or if you don't want to do that then rub him till he c*ms, wait 10 minutes or so and then engage in activities.

He doesn't last because he's one big hormone. Both of you get out of the bed and let him cool off for while, before you do some serious damage,

If you really want info about premature ejaculation causes click here!

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