How To Last Longer In Bed

whats average and i have sex plenty it jstu seems like its not long enough like i would like to be at an hour average for the first round but usually i cant last that long but after i already bust once i can last alot longer but what doy ou all think i could care less what your opin ion is and really i have no need to lie or brag to anyone .. ive been dating my girlfriend for almost a year and we have been having sex daily ever since we met... we dont look at it like that were jsut always together and we both like sex alot.. theres nights where we have sex 7 or 8 tiems before we go to bed but we literally have it almost every day and once a day when we are togetgher

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Yeah I used it...and it works pretty damn well. The only problem is that you don't feel anything, and I mean ANYTHING! You'll bang like a porn star, but you won't enjoy it, other than for your ego. Also it usually numbs your woman down there too, so what's the point? You should learn how to have orgasms without ejaculating, so that you don't lose your "manjuice" but you orgasm. When you don't lose your manjuice, you keep your erection and you can keep going as long as you want. has a guide on how to do this. Its great cause you don't lose your erection, and you can have as many orgasms as you can handle, it just takes some practice.

try to please her. look at her reactions and play on that. don't rush into the intercourse part. guys misunderstand that part. we women love foreplay. doing other things before that act can get her to the point when she is ready to climax. then the time issue wouldn't be and issue because you listened to her body. Then of course GET YOU LOL good Loving

maybe do foreplay before hand, wait a little while and then you both will be more relaxed to have sex. The more relaxing it is for the both of you the better and longer the sex will be. From experience id say he is very worried about not lasting very long. It gets to him every day and he would do anything to change. If he has this attitude to not only please himself you should try getting him to do it slowly at first, to remind him to stop before he reaches "the point of no return", every guy knows when this is its just stopping before it happens, and having control of climaxing. Also reassure him that if he follows these steps then he will be able to satisfy you too. btw.. im glad you don't fake orgasms, worst thing you could do, if he found out you were faking, ruin his confidence even more.

I guess it's been so long... that this doesn't make sense. When you're ready to have sex, and have an appropriate partner...YOU WILL. Everything else... is moot.

So the truth is that you have been rekindling your affection and romance for another man and since you have someone else as a safety net you want to abandon the vows you took with your husband. It's not like you woke up one day and discovered you were married to him. You knew what he was before you married him. Leave him if you want to but whatever unhappiness caused you to break up with the other man initially will eventually surface again and you'll have the same problems only this time you'll be messing up your kid's life while you do. You get out of marriage what you put into it.

This is a serious response... Think of your grandmother or any other un-sexy things you can think of... Porn stars have been known to use this technique when they have to last longer. Good luck!

theres diffrent ways of helping him last longer in bed, and theres things he can do on his own, and things you can do to him to help. one thing he can do is called the "start and stop" method. when he urinates, have him stop in the middle of the flow, wait a sec, and then continue peeing. do this a few times when hes using the restroom and that can increase his stamina. also, he can even do this without needing to pee. he can contract the muscle that is used to start and stop peeing wherever hes at. work, gym, anywhere is fine. have him do it 40 times a day for a while. the other way is when you two are in bed together. start stimulating him until he feels he is near orgasm. when he tells you that hes close, stop stimulating him. grab his penis in your hand and put pressure on the underside of his penis, so that he doesnt release. hold this until he loses his erection. do this 2 more times before you finally let him come. hopefully those tricks should help him and you have a better time with each other.

the penis is an erectile muscle. to work this muscle u well...gotta masturbate or have constant sex. or just try pills. or after round 1 wait like 15 - 30 minutes. these minutes can be consumed by cuddling, foreplay, or whatever, then go back again.

Heres a bigg tip! Masterbate. a lot. the more often you cum then the less you will have the "blow ur load feeling" when ur having sex. Another, try thinking about other things so u can last longer.. like football or cars. last but not least relax!. take ur time.

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