My Boyfriend Cant Last Longer In Bed Anymore And I Dont Know Why

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Have your boyfriend masturbate an hour before he goes out with you or he is going to have sex with you, he might have premature ejaculation problems where he gets to excited early and comes right away, if he masturbates about an hour before you have sex he will take longer to come the next time and you will enjoy longer sex. Give him head after he comes and he will get another hard on. Try what have you got to lose. Another technique is when he feels that he is getting ready to cum, for him to stop moving and when the sensation of cumming goes aways start moving back and forth again, repeat the same conditions over and over it will last longer.

Ever think God doesn't want you to have sex at such a young age with someone you're going to be breaking up with in 5 months, and due to the fact you are unmarried? Hmm..

I get the impression that the two of you have a low sexual compatability level. He needs to have a much more open mind to your needs. It sounds like he is not concerned with giving you pleasure or he would pleasure you to no end with toys and other means. You should seriously rethink your relationship if he isn't willing to give you much more consideration sexually. You should not be starved for pleasure in your relationship. Another thing, if he won't even talk about it, then you should also consider the possibility that he isn't even emotionally available either. This is a double wammy. You suffer for communication and physical pleasure. What you have together sounds more like a stress test than a realationship.

A lot of guys have this problem. You can talk to him about it and try to work on it or you can try to get yourself off when having sex. You can try to learn to cum quicker too. Tell him it would really turn you on if he would go down on you as well.

he may have a sexual addiction and you are fine and have reason to be upset he has no idea what he is missing out on with you

you are using Your dick your fingers and your tongue in the wrong way if you can not please a women with that. You also need to ask the girl that you are with what does she like and how does she like it, getting to know your partner can be a great experience for her and you. Try that

okay first of all...your to freaking young to be having sex anyways.your wat,, still in junior high.i wonder why people say bad things bout i know why.all i got to say is i hope u use protection because i dont think the world needs another for him he is just a boy who is still immature and cant hold a load

practice. most men go quick the first time. before u know u are gonna have sex play with yourself it will take longer to ejaculate the second time

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My man used to have the same problem, but now I get him to go down on me first to get me to a point that I can not go any longer with out an orgasm. We then have sex and he stops when he feels like he is going to cum and plays with me for a while. We can have sex for about an hour. it is the best sex that I have ever had.

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