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I am a 46 year old man and the other night due to the very bad weather conditions I ended up staying the night with a friend of mine, a beautiful young woman of 30 who I know through work although I don't actually work with her. I have known her for about a year and have definitely had feelings for her for some time although I always thought they were both unreciprocated and well hidden. Anyway when it became clear I was going to have a hard time getting home she offered to put me up on the sofa bed and I accepted. We were not drinking but sat up late talking and ended up kissing, which was of course wonderful! We spoke about it and she told me she has feelings for me also and that if I am open to it we can begin to see each other. She also put her cards on the table about the age difference and the issue of children. At the moment she is not sure she wants children, she has never yet had the urge but at 30 she admits that it is possible that she may change her mind a few years down the line. Although I am open to the idea of marriage I have never wanted children and most of my previous relationships ended when the woman I was with wanted a child and I did not. It's not that I dislike kids or think I would be a bad father but I had a very unhappy childhood and have health issues that I don't want to pass on to a child and she knows all this. In light of all that she has said that there is a chance that the relationship may not last longer than a few years but that she wants us to give things a go and start seeing each other and see what happens. I really, really want to be with her more that I ever have any woman but I am scared of how I'll feel if it does all end. I have been hurt in the past and I think I will be devestated and yet I'm already so unhappy and lonely that perhaps a even short time with a person you really love is worth any pain it causes in the long run? Should I go for it or walk away?

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Maybe you were not being stimulated properly or perhaps you were concentrating on something else so you could last longer. There are plenty of reasons, buddy.

I think it might be too late. If you have waited four years to tell him he might be hurt even more that you waited so long to tell him. I would, it's embarrassing enough but to have you girlfriend come out and tell you after four years? That's a little harsh. You could try sitting him down and letting him know that you're there to support him and you wouldn't have stayed with him as long as you have if you didn't love him. I wouldn't suggest lying about the desensitizing gel, the truth always manages to get out. If you are going to use it, tell him the truth.

Dude stop trying to boost your confidence by lieing to everyone! If she really likes you I don't think it matters!!!! Can't stand people on here that try and show of, its like going to a gun fight with a knife!!

First time sex only lasts 2 or 3 minutes for the majority of guys (but for a few, they are so nervous they can't orgasm at all), so don't worry too much about it. At your age, you will be ready to go again in 20 minutes or so and it will last longer for your second orgasm. In the meantime, continue the sex play with fingers or tongue to keep your partner aroused whilst you are recovering from your first orgasm. Alternatively, you could masturbate half an hour before the event. Believe it or not, a high percentage of 18 year old boys are still virgins, despite what they may say.

You are so mean and sick troll! anyway... just go slower. It's a problem with him and you are selfish enough to say its unfair and resent him and sh1t? God dammit.

serious problems here you a drifting apart just like me and my mrs did the last few months. if you think your relationship is worth saving, do it NOW before it gets too late. mine is too late i have lost the woman i loved for 13 years and hopefully you wont have to go thrugh the same thing. hope you can work it out.

No. It won't help. However, if you "take matters into your own hands" about 2 hours before you have sex, that will make you last longer. cu

I honestly don't think she's depressed or anything, I personally think she feels insecure and when a lady feels insecure they just want to hide in baggy clothes. I think you should let her know shes beautiful, sexy, hot and that she would look great in the clothes you've bought for her. Boost up her self esteem a bit ;)

this is going to sound like I'am making fun of you but seriously Iam not. try choking the chicken maybe an hour to two hours before having sex it should help you to last longer the next time.

Well most kissing and touching will lead to an erection but there could be a little problem with him if he does not ejaculate with all the activity as he will get a case of blue balls which is very painful. As for the big O when he ejaculates, well yes most of the time but not always. You are both 18 so why don't you both masturbate each other as a relief for both as sex is not part of your life yet.

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