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What do you thing about Victor's 17 second sex scene on His Movie The man who came back!!!!If he lasts that long in the bed him and nikki are not for each other. get 10 extra points!!! (that women was humping the shit out of Victor)

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Its not a physical just need to go through some ejaculation control "retraining"...its worked wonders for me As I mentioned in another question, check this out: "How do Porno Actors Last so Long?"

What you have to do is breath slow dont get too excited and keep a steady pace. Or what you can do is if your not against it is smoke weed before :) Or jerk off before what ever works for you

i think it is common in most men so pls be happy pls do not report as abuse to my reply ALL THE BEST ENJOY THANK U................

k you hae to not think about having sex at all. look at posters on the walls or think about sports for at least ten minutes don't acknowledge the fact that your having sex. then after you feel likes its been long enough then you can enjoy it.

if your a healthy young man, please, do not resort to all that pill and suppliment crap they sell at the gas station or whereever. They don't work and will do more harm than good. Before doing the deed, one thing you could try is beginning with foreplay to revv the both you up before making love. Foreplay can range from making out to deeper techniques of arousal, such as oral and maual stimulation. What you should be more concerned about is, not how long you can last, per-se, but finding ways how you can both share a pleasureable experience and discover sexually what you both like, as well as not care so much for. well I hope this helps you guys. have fun!

There's a big difference between lasting 30 seconds (you), and lasting four hours. I find that 30 to 40 minutes works best for me and my gal.

A condom will help with the sentive nature of what you are doing. Also the more he practices the better his control. It does take time.

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Bored So Heres A Question For Girls

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