Has Anyone Used The Quotlast Longerquot Nasal Delivery Spray Sold By The Ami In Australia

My husband can't last more than 30 seconds, and that's if he's drunk! Is there something I can slip into his drink to make him last longer in bed?

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You had a out of body experience which make you travel at a great speed ; that why it just took a minute and for you it appear longer

that ridiculous that you can go that long! yes its too long. we get tired just laying there and it really cant be fun if its lasting that long. its gets boring and annoying.

Okay so hears the deal. You know the sitch with cock rings right? Their MO is that they slow the blood flow so you last longer via constriction. Wearing a condom causes constriction therefore you last longer. One way to draw out an orgasm is to slow down as soon as you feel like you're almost there. Try a long, passionate kiss or pulling out and kissing her neck. Then when you start back up again its like it erases the last five minutes and now you have another ten to fifteen. That's just a general example but this does work. My man and i used to have the same dilemma at the beginning of our relationship. Hope this helps hon ^_^

WILLPOWER! But there are a few excersizes that will make him last longer...i read in Cosmopolitan Mag one time that if you pinch the end of his di*k when he's about ready to c*m enough times eventually he will be able to control when he orgasms.

Have longer foreplay, and turn him on slowly. Then don't go mad when you're having sex, work your way up to top speed! lol

Ejaculation control training is one option... works very well to teach you to last longer... male multiple orgasms allow you to maintain your erection after orgasm, that's another option... here, check this out: "How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation with Ejaculation Control techniques" https://www.mistermanpower.net/blog/?p=127

You are so detailed, haha. Sorry, I skipped a few paragraphs. I wouldbsuggest tell him that you're just lonely and that youwould like to spend more time with him. I get the impression you seem not very appreciated when you come home seeing him on the Xbox or something, couls be wrong.

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