I Was Wonderingif I Beat My Meat And Buss Before Iamp39m About To Have Sex Will I Last Longer In Bed

Looking back on my life...unfortunately i have had not one positive experience with men..they are all cunts, from the ones that have hurt me personally, to the ones who have hurt my female relatives, friends..etc. My grandfather abused my mother and her sisters sexually (i only learned this last year) and after my grandmother died, it was approximately 4 days later, that he had another woman snooping around. From her grave, my grandmother must of been livid, as the house burnt down around six days after her death. In the end, the house was rebuilt and my grandfather moved another woman in, eventually selling the house without the families knowledge, so that he could move abroad with his floozy. (this man is 83 yrs old by the way, has 8 children with my grandmother, and over 15 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren) and not once, has he considered any of us. Luckily God thwarted his plans, and gave him a stroke, so he is unable to travel and is stuck in bed, remorseful and ignorant to the hurt he has caused others. Anyway i shall continue...My own father, has never acknowledge me as his child, unless i count the time when i was 15 and he bought me a McDonald and made a weak attempt to get into my life, as soon as i feel pregnant at 16, he cursed me out, and was gone. I raised my baby, in the only way i knew how, with love, nurture and stability, and with no father, as he was busy out chasing anything in a skirt. I met someone else, who seemed to sympathize with my situation, and i fell in love, i fell pregnant once more...cut along story short, he is not in his daughters life either. I decided to look into my life and see if i could implement changes so that i wouldn't make the same mistakes in the men i choose, and that i could find a decent man. I deliberately made a conscious effort to go for a different type of man. I met him, and thought he was wonderful, he had so much morals and principles, was non-violent, working, romantic, communicative..etc..we got engaged last year live on radio...fast forward a year, i have a beautiful little girl by him, and he is no where to be seen. I honestly, am trying, but it is hard not to become bitter about men. I am a good woman,intelligent, funny, talented, sexy and attractive, i keep a good home, i can cook, clean, i dress my self and my children well, i encourage my children in their studies, and teach them positive things, my eldest has just finished school, and starts college in the new term. My friends partners are also selfish bastards, and it seems that most of them are just willing to put up with selfish behavior in order to keep the man. I try to remain optimistic, and i say...not all men are the same, but I'm not so sure... I wonder if its a culture thing, as i am black, and so have my partners been. Or do all women have a problem with selfish men, regardless of color? I'm getting tired of it all, and can feel myself building up a barrier when it comes to men. I have considered dating outside of my race, to see if things are different. So I'd be interested to hear from men and women, tell me your stories...whether its you who's behaved in a selfish manner, or maybe your a woman feeling the same way i do...whatever your opinion, (as long as its constructive) Lets talk about this. #grandfather is unremorseful....and the word that has been deleted is the c- word #####...to all those who cant be bothered to read my 'essay'...skip to another question please and don't bother answering, because how could you possibly comment on something you have not read and have no knowledge of?..prats! NOTE TO ALL SELFISH PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO READ MY WHOLE POST, BUT WANT TO COMMENT.(funny how its all men)..PLEASEEEEE DON'T..BECAUSE I CANT BE BOTHERED TO READ YOUR ANSWER, SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!..THANK YOU :-)

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14 ? Its illegal dont you know that ? You should not be having sex at your age, the law states you have to be a certain age to do this and laws are put in place to protect you. You dont know what you are doing at 14, you have already proved this by asking this question, leave sex until you have matured enough to know what it means. Your girlfriend sounds bad if she wants you to do this, if she is a virgin then save it all till you are older, if she has done it before then especially dont do it with her, she is a slapper if she has lost her virginity already at such young age. Real men dont do things they are not capable of doing and unless they are certain its the right thing to do. Be different and say no. Good luck.

there is condoms you can get made by durex called durex performa it has a special lube in it that sort of numbs your penis therefore you last longer the sensation for you is still very good but you then end up lasting alot longer. my boyfriend says it's all about knowing when your coming so you can control it and last for as little or as long as you want it just takes practice and min d control i.e not getting too turned on too quickly! good luck. :)

Give a girl orgasms other ways. After all, you do have a tongue and fingers don't you? Tighten your PC muscle. That's the muscle you use when you're holding in your pee. I can last around 45 minutes when I do that. Also, there is a special type of condom that will make you last longer. -Scott.

all of the answers that have been posted are good ones, you can have him go to the doctor, take a pill, wear a condom, use gels, etc. etc. etc. To be honest some men just have short stamina's...that is why it is very important to use for fore play, if you don't already. typically a man can last (without drugs) an average of 2 to 10 minutes (please note I said typically.

I've found that giving oral to get the first cum out the way helps. Then he will excited to really have sex. Then, from there the next one may be quick but there should be more left for a last round where you get yours. Sometimes giving oral in between breaks up the exhaustion from him doing so much, which is probably why he cums and stops. You could even get on top more or Ive even found when he's on top, sort of doing it back to him helps make it easier for him. Just a few suggestions!!!

get her close to orgasm and then stick it in her. when she is closer she will climax and then you can go in and it will seem to her like you have lasted longer. there. it makes her happy and it makes you seem like you have done your job.

yes men can train themselves. he also could be takin something that gives him stamina . In that case be happy with an hour because it coud go all night with many sessions. Try to tell him during the session that you want him to %$#. Say it in a very sexy way.Or just slow the mood down by touching and then hop back on.lol

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