My Boyfriend Has Trouble Lasting Long In Bed

i wanna last long in bed how can i practice doing this. and is it bad to jack off when you have a sist. im 15 i went to the dr

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To Last longer: Imagine Rosie O'Donnell oiled up and beckoning. Wait, that might ruin it completely. Just think about baseball.

Lasting longer really just takes practice however for the short term I suggest masturbating before hand. This will help empty you right off the bat and thus will take you longer to finish.

Dude its all about control, masturbating does help you last long but you have to control the muscle in your penis so when you about to go hold it back control. Its all about the mind. When your sitting watchn tv exercise it think about your girlfriend in a good outfit that makes you pumped and stiffin that muscle. Using a condom or 2 will dampen the feel of of you in her and make it less stimulating.

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Perhaps a c-ring to trap the blood in his jolly-roger. I also do math (in my head) to prolong the joy. I recommend starting with powers of 2: i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512.... Then move on to powers of 3: 3, 9, 27, 81, 243, 729... If that doesn't do it, try long division of large numbers into small numbers: 13 / 217 =....

If he watches porn a lot and masturbates that contributes to the issue. Try waiting two days and don't let him masturbate and no sex and it may improve time and amount at climax. Also, if he thinks about something not sex related or a gross old person he knows it could last longer

Stop masturbating is the first thing you need to do. Masturbation by its get it done quick approach is literally circuit training for premature ejaculators. Use condoms because they will limit your sensitivity increasing the amount of stimulation needed to achieve ejaculation perhaps even put a few drops of zylocaine (like numzit) in the condom. Perhaps the most important thing you can do are things that will build your self confidence. Take a sky diving course or SCUBA diving course. A self confident person will not be overcome with nervousness that will canse him to become overexcited.

tough subject... I would try you on top and you controlling the speed. when it seems like he is going to go stop and just lay there for a bit and then continue to go in a little bit. You could try getting him drunk I am sure he will last longer then... There are also condoms that make you last longer, preformax from durex works well. If all else fails try talking to him and ask him to think about something else, because that's the only way to help. I am nor sure how your sex is but my guess is he is on top and plugging away as fast as he can.. You prob just need to slow him down and get him to work with you. Also the more you have sex the longer it last. Try having sex a couple of times. Good luck

talk to HIM. ask HIM if he needs to go the distance each time. tell HIM how you feel. communication is better when it's done without Yahoo.

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