I Saw A Product Called Flesh Light Anyone Tried It

my boyfriend dosent seem to last longer than ten minutes in bed what can I do to make him last longer ?

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I'd say normal is probably between 10-30 minutes. It really depends on the guy. I don't think it needs to last much longer than 30 minutes really. It's about quality, not quantity.

Just eat right, exercise. You can purchase a c**k ring, or have someone else buy one sense you're only 17. Also- if you are a smoker, quit. I noticed a complete change in my husbands performance when he quit smoking.

Find a women that really turns you on and switch up the positions while your going at it. I think that would help you a bit. If not have a lot of four play before you actually start fucking !

how about have him touch u first, than have him orally pleasure u and than once ur about to be done just have him finish u off. that way he would finish at the same time too??? or how about u do ur self and have him finish u off??? have u tried those things that u put on him to make it less sensitive??? i think u can get them at the adult stores. or how about if u pleasure him orally, would he still be able or want to go at it or not??? and if so does he last longer??? I'm really sorry about wat ur going thru i know sex isn't everything but it sure is VERY important in ANY relationship. have talk to a doc about it??? how many yrs have u guys been married???? has this ALWAYS happen????

Girl I have this problem too. We got a book to see what else we could do. I find if I am stimulated orally for a good period of time, I can wait for him. Since I have been doing this my hair started growing back. Good luck.

next time ur with her and going to shoot get ur gf to use her kung fu grip on the tip of ur eggroll and that with stop the cream of sum yung guy .........lol

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