How Do I Last Longer In The Bed

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and the first few months things were great. They still are absolutely wonderful between us but for the sake of this question I'm referring to things in bed. We started out having sex almost every night and mulitple times at that. Everything was normal and then after a while he stopped being able to last as long. Now its to the point where a few minutes into it hes ready to cum and I'm just getting started. He's super embaraced about it and in order to sleep with him I have to make the first move, becuae he feels like he's worthless in bed. I love him and love being intimate with him, even if its only for a few minutes. But he really is uncomfortable with this and wants to do something about it. What can he do or take that can help with this? Not sure how much age matters in this factor but if it does...he's 28.

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Sounds like you already have some ideas. Nothing is for sure, so I'd suggest you simply try out a few and see what works best. However, kmnow that it may take more than one time.

Hate to admit it, but I faked orgasms for six years with my ex-husband. The sex was mundane. Faking was the only way to make it stop.

As you can see by the answers it is quallity not quantity that counts,as you grow older you will realise this and devote more time and effort into satisfying your woman.

Everyone wants a pill for everything. And, you're supposed to wait until marriage before having sex. What's happening in your question will happen no matter what.

I've dated both. I'm going to tell you, I've dated some whites and blacks that rocked my world and others that have been total disapointments. Are all whites small? Oh hell no. But some can be. I'm going to say its on an individual basis really. I wouldn't catagorize it as race but on an individual basis.

Well, personally for me, it only 'works' when i'm on top! So I can last until it does 'work' and if i'm enjoying it afterwards. Otherwise I'm not a fan of the top position if i'm not into the situation.

My wife had complain about my early ejaculation. I started wearing double condoms, now she says finish it quick, quick I'm coming. U may try this asking ur husband to wear 2 condoms.

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