Female Masturbationhow Do I Get My Orgasm To Last Longer

How long should we last before the girl is satisfied?? I've heard 10-15 mins, but i want to be sure.

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I've been there. I tried numbing condoms, magic pills, weird kegel muscle exercises, and NONE of it worked for me. It got to the point where I wasn't even excited about having sex because I anxious about whether i would bust too soon or not. I happen to love sex and women, so I searched the internet for what SCIENTIFICALLY causes premature ejaculation in the body. I stumbled upon this e-book where this sex researcher explains that it is certain chemicals released into the body that cause it. He then goes on to explain HOW to control various parts of your body so these chemical's aren't released. I was psyched when i finally figured it out. i'm sure your boyfriend will too. the link to the sex researcher's ebook is here on this blog: http://lastallnightinbed.blogspot.com/ Best of luck....Cheers!

It is scientifically shown that a guy can learn to prolong sex through exercise... Start your work out by stopping yourself from peeing, then letting go, and stopping yourself again. This will build up the muscles used to stop yourself from ejaculating.

Hon, he'll most likely improve with experience. If not, work with him. Tell him that you need some foreplay and suggest that he do certain things to you before you make love. Don't criticize after his weak performance, suggest as it begins. Explain to him that your physical needs are very different than his and that his wham, bham, thank you ma'am does little for you. There's techniques that can be used here although I don't think I could describe them without being reported for a violation of the codes they use here. But work together with him on this issue and things could work out very well. Good luck!

You can do some methods. First, maybe you can try to thinking about other things while you making love with your partner. Maybe you can think about your job, your hobby or anything else. And to support it from inside you can try to taking herbal supplement that may be able to help you handle your premature ejaculation. Climinax is one of many supplement that may be able to handle this problem. Climinax already proven in many men, it works and had no negative side effect. I know this supplement from my buddy, he try it and get the good result. I hope this answer will help you. Good luck!

In my opinion, the last longer in bed problem can be treated by ejaculation training. Ejaculation training is a natural and safest way to have sex last longer with no pills, no creams, no condom and no erection bands. Here are good articles about the truth of premature ejaculation treatment naturally and success stories. It's very useful for you. Don't worry!

thats really mean of you to say.. maybe she deserves better than you??? maybe YOUR not good enough in bed? dont compare your gf to other girls, you should be lucky to have her, eventually it wont hurt her as much.

No Cold destroys the batteries capacity to operate correctly, when I go to sub zero photo shoots I need to keep the battery in a separate holder in my pocket so as to keep it warm, it will die otherwise, hot batteries work far better than cold ones. Do not place it in the freezer, it may last longer but it won't work for long.

not really. when ur in bed the only way you can last long is if you think about something nasty and try not to give in to quick

Take it slow :) or get some nasal delivery technology. it helps alot and will definately make him last longer and u will both be happy. It doesnt hurt at all to get the nasal delivery technology. Or tell him to train himself to last longer.

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Female Masturbationhow Do I Get My Orgasm To Last Longer

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