How Can I Make Him Last Longer In Bed

Ok, I have been trying to make my self last longer in bed by using this technique by holding the tip of the penis and waiting about ten seconds before I start again. I have read up online that doing so will help you control your ejaculation and last longer. Recently I saw a post claiming that doing so can cause problems with your prostate, is this legitimate? Should I stop?

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And your complaint is what? That's not a bad thing... you just have to communicate with your partner.. I like a good sack session.. not a 5 minute tease... I guess it depends on the person.

tell him to think about random things when he's about to (you Know) my husband thinks about all the bills he has to pay it works everytime... good luck

Some men just can't last long, and some can. Your man might be one of the few that can't last long. This doesn't mean he can't please you in other ways... Sorry to say this, but he said "Vagina's are ugly". He actually said that??? He closes his eyes when he goes down on you, and that they are gross.... Okay this may be harsh to hear, but either your man is in the closet or he's completely clueless. I am not sure how old you guys are, but this just doesn't sound like a "GUYS' GUY". Most men like to please their women and give them oral sex, (yes not all the time), but they enjoy watching their women squirm for more. A man also NEVER and I mean NEVER says a vagina is "ugly" and or doesn't like to touch it. Sex is a big part of a relationship; and if he is not satisfying your needs, don't resort to cheating either talk it out and if things can't change then you have a choice to make here. I understand the rest of your relationship is good, but this will definitely cause problems in the long run, and you don't want to spend your time wasted on a man that can't satisfy you. It sounds to me like you already tried helping him out and giving him hints as to what you like, and it seems to me like he isn't getting it. Either live with the fact that he can't satisfy you every time or move on and find a man that will. A man who is attentive in bed is a man you want around for a long time, a man who doesn't care and calls your vagina "ugly", feels it's gross and doesn't like touching it, is a man you have to truly question?!! Good luck xo, kristin nicole If you have any questions please contact me on my website I am going to post your question on my site.

If you're enjoying it and your partner is enjoying it as well, then it's perfect (and more likely than not, you did have an orgasm).

Keep a bowl of ice nearby and when he is about to shoot grab the ice and out it on that a few times and he will go for hours!

Now give him a chance honestly these things can happen to a bloke a lot And yeah its happened to me It can really kill self-esteem and libidoo. You gotta let him know that its normal and that hdoesn'tnt have to worry about it. Give him a wee bit of time, it wont take long for him to kind of get his head together. If he doesn't, then just talk to him. Sit him down and let him know its fine and there is nothing to be ashamed of. He's gonna be off because he has lost his confidence and doesnt want to leave you unsatisfied (as you put). Let him know that he can satisfy, through words first. And eventually he'll come round. Hope this helps. x

You do not have premature ejaculation, first of all. Unless, you squirt before orgasm. that's what PE is. If you just come fast, then that is something different. If you're penis is sensitive, you may need to try some desensitizing methods and exorcises. 1. You need to determine whether you are circumcised or not. Many guys who are not circumcised may be more sensitive than those who have been cut. The guys that have been fully cut develope a callous-like layer of skin that makes them less sensitive than guys who are intact. If you are intact this may be the cause of you coming quickly. Meaning, you just feel the sensations, but more intensely. That doesn't mean you need to run out and cut off part of your dick though. 2. Using condoms may help with the sensitivity issue, whether you are cut or not. Some companies make condoms that help you last longer because they are lined with desensitizing gels that numb the penis a little. Also a thicker condom may help the sensation feel less intense. 3. Masturbate. Not like the usual quicky you may do; but a long, wet, slow experience. This will help not only to get your penis used to the handling, but it will allow you to understand how to handle your penis. You'll know what helps build you up, and what pushes you over the edge. Keep in mind this takes some getting used to, and results aren't overnight. This helps desensitize you over the long term. Also make sure you have time and space, all to yourself, to do this. Start out and see how long it takes you to pop. Then, add 15-30 seconds every time after. Before you know it, you'll be slowly stroking for 2 hours! This activity you can also have your girlfriend help you with, if she is willing to help. 4. Control your excitement. Getting too excited, or even too nervous, will cause problems. Some guys pop too soon, and some guy's can't pop at all. Remember to breathe and slow down. Relax. Take your time. Focus on your partner, even if that means pulling out or stopping to kiss them, or take a breather. Hope that helps you some!

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