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OK so those of you saying "if your asking then you know" can bite me, I want the opinion of others that are just looking in... So we have been together just a little over a year. There are a few issues I am dealing with that i want to address but i need to know the right way t do it w'o seeming needy or plain psychotic, lol. So he is 30, and I am 24, first off, we don't have sex barely at all!!!! Seriously, about 2 times a month. Foreplay, doesn't happen, so even when we do have sex, it's not satisfying for me at all! I try to initiate and hes too tired, or wants to have a few beers first to "last longer". Second, I feel as though we dont spend much time together at all. I work a 9-5, and his hours are a little later sometimes, lk up to 12 am! Therefor I am in bed sometimes when he comes home, or if I am still awake it's not for too long. So I try to spend time w him on the weekends, but he has a boat and "has" to go on it every Saturday... I even took him skydiving this past sat, and he had to take the boat out on sun! I am always invited, but its not one-on-one time...Also, recently I tested positive for swine flu, so for 5 days he literally wouldn't touch me (understandable), but since then I am not contagious nor even showing signs of being sick but he's still like not being affectionate at all. A pop kiss is all I ever get... As I said, I'm 24, so I am not in this to play games, I want this guy to be the man I marry, is it going that way, or should I cut my losses now? Actually i wouldn't even want to do that, cuz i really do love him and want him to be the man I spend the rest of my life with, so I guess I'm looking for help, not the "break up" answers...

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Yeah - an internet search should turn up a million ideas and products. But it sounds like he needs to take care of you first then get down to the slow and easy...

It sounds like both of you are not very open to sex, more likely both of you feel like sex is bad or guilt or crime etc. He does bang bang and get over with it without knowing your needs and you let him do and not talk about it. I myself comes quick sometimes in 4-5 minutes. but it tells my wife I am close better you come on top and finish yourself first. 1.You can try talk to him giving example of someone. 2. Watch XXX movie and he might notice that other men take very long. 3. Feed him Multi vitamins GNC sports etc. 4. Exercise helps lot. 5. he might have high blood pressure problem. 6. Give him nice blow job first l and then ask him to do licking while he doing tell him how much you like when you really like. finally let do the sex. 7. you get on top and control the motion. try different position like in some positions it is hard for man to move much. 8. do it more time 2 times 3 times until he last long. 9. Do it day time, sometimes getting naked at day time reduces the curiosity

You have not indicated you age.Your problem may be just psychological.Normally position should not change duration too much.You have to see a sexologist.

Maybe you shouldn't be having sex with men who don't see it as an emotional deal. I know this is hard to understand, but sex is about communication. It is also about pleasure on BOTH SIDES.

No, he is getting some sort of twisted satisfaction by telling you.Hes also getting satisfaction from the flirting.If he ever calls you on the phone to tell you so,then he is not the only one getting satisfaction by telling you this.Also it means he does not respect you.............Major contribution to his action could also be that hes making himself out to be something hes not and wants you to think you have a stunning stud.Either way ,hes weak and his actions is negative from all angles you look at it.

i would suggest that the two of you before sex take things a little slower. I would also suggest like on of my fellow commenter's said that to ejaculate before hand. you also have to stay mentally strong in the way of controlling the situation you know wat im saying? if that fails, see a doctor and maybe they can help you out or give you more tips

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