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i dont last that long i dont know why but i hate it .i last like at the max 5 min.what can i do to make it last alot longer.and how do you keep going after you ejaculate

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Please ask the worried man. 1 When is the retirement age of wife? 2 Gave dowry or took dowry ? 3 How much salary is paid to wife for her duty?

There is no time limit for women. You are not like a man that once he reaches his climax he goes soft. You are the energizer rabbit... You can go for as long as you can stand it...

get over it. he just lost his virginity...give him time. my boyfriend was the same. now we can do it without a condom for a while.

It really depends on how fast we're going, and what position. I try to always give my wife an orgasm during every session, so until she orgasms first, I usually hold back a little. If I go for too long, however, I find it's harder to orgasm for me.

No, you're not handing it properly. An ultimatum is an ultimatum. Why are you having discussions w/ him. You're just showing him you won't stand your ground.

I'm not sure about the size part, but there are 2 things that'll make u last longer. Firstly, try spankin da monkey a while before you spank da lady. Secondly, if you feel your getting over-excited, think of Margaret Thatcher neked. That will make you start from scratch....unless u find her hot...

a lot more foreplay and maybe a massage(at least the whole sexual experience would last longer) tease her (can't go into details, people would report me) slow down, for a while at least think about something else to keep yourself from getting too excited and afterward, cuddle, kiss whatever (it would make the whole experience even longer and might lead to more)

When you give him head does he orgasm? If you're just stimulating him prior to sex without him finishing, that's not going to help. Ask him how long it takes him to get excited again after having an orgasm. Usually it takes much more stimulation for a man to come to orgasm if he's already done it earlier that day, so if you're on board for the second round of sex, you'll have a longer lasting experience.

Have more sex. The more ( especially during the same session ) he orgasms the longer he will last, the first time, too fast, second time, a little longer and the third time, that will do it. Don't give him time to rest. Hope this helps

good question. In my opinion the whole purpose is to get off so it's kinda like fighting against yourself. If you don't think about it you'll screw forever and never get off so what's the point? I make sure the woman get off first so when I go she's happy and i'm happy. Also, If you go for a long time the woman always tells me it starts to hurt. Get her off first and she won't care if your a minute man.

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